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E!: The Sound of a Bugle in a Shoebox: Magnús Pálsson

The Sound of a Bugle in a Shoebox: Magnús Pálsson – A Performance Retrospective 1980-2013 18. May – 1. Sept. 2013 Hafnarhús Reykjavik, Iceland  

E!: Kling&Bang gallery in Reykjavik

Clive Murphy NEO PROTO DEMO 18th of May – 23rd of June 2013   Kling & Bang Gallery Reykjavik, Iceland  

Piece of news in húnoghún

Piece of news -earrings can found in húnoghún in the center of Reykjavik!

Relaxing drawing evening

Brave men, brave women

Ways to roll news

Hvernig rúllar þú fréttunum? – How do you roll your news? – ways to roll news   Paper bead sculptures by Laura Puska The exhibition is still on this week in Gallerí húnoghún (Skólavörðustíg) in the… Continue reading

DesignMarch 22.-25.3

Lots of happening in Reykjavijk this weekend..! More info about DesignMarch from their website.  

Downtown Thursday

Spanish art taking over Reykjavik Art Museum

Image, Body, Pathos The exhibition of Catalan artist Antoni Tapies opened in Kjarvalsstaðir. Also Santiago Sierra’s exhibition is still on  in Reykjavik Art Museum downtown.  

Tjörnin – Live Webcam – Inspired by Iceland

Tjörnin – Live Webcam – Inspired by Iceland.

Greetings from setting up day

Two effective women setting up an exhibition in gallery húnoghún almost two weeks ago. The exhibition of thousands of hand rolled paper beads is open in the center of Reykjavik until 6th of… Continue reading

Icelandic contemporary jewellery – Exhibition

DesignMarch 2012 is on. Roots – Icelandic contemporary jewellery exhibition opened in Hafnarborg, south of Reykjavik.   Downstairs there’s also Sigurður Guðjónsson‘s video piece Prelude.      Find out more about DesignMarch 2012 and follow… Continue reading

RÚRÍ-Retrospective – 3.3.-6.5. 2012

A great exhibition in National Gallery of Iceland. Interesting work by an icelandic artist Rúrí. It’s definitely worth of seeing!  

Exhibition opening 3.3.2012

Thank you all for coming to the opening!     The exhibition Hvernig rúllar þú fréttunum? is open in gallery húnoghún in center Reykjavik until 6th of April.    

Exhibitions of February

Icelandic textile art, for example by Ólöf Einarsdóttir and Guðrún Marinósdóttir, in Korpúlfsstaðir, 10 km from the center of Reykjavik, where The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists also runs an artists residency program during summer months.   Other interesting… Continue reading

Setting up

  I spent the day in the gallery húnoghún in Reykjavik, setting up my exhibition. Also stole some time to finish my new ring in Sif’s studio. Juhuu!    

Hvernig rúllar þú fréttunum? – Coming exhibition

Thursday in town

  Spent my day with Sif Ægisdóttir in her jewellery studio húnoghún in the center of Reykjavik before life drawing hours of the evening. Thursday can’t get much better, can it!    

Reykjavik Winter Lights

I thought it was time to come out of the forest and head to town to enjoy Reykjavik Winter Festival 2012 and Museum Night. Lots of people on the streets and many things… Continue reading

NO Global Tour

Santiago Sierra’s exhibition has just opened in Reykjavik art museum Hafnarhus. I went to see the film screening of NO, Global Tour by Santiago Sierra at Cinema Paradise.  

C like culture

I had time for a morning walk on my beach before heading to town with Sigrun and our guest glass teacher/ blower Leif.     On the way we went to a progressive art… Continue reading

The end of experimentations

A great week at Gler i Bergvik with students from Myndlistaskólinn of Reykjavik is over.  Lots of experimentations and observations. See more photos from the week.   Photo by Auður Eva Ásberg

My home at the feet of Esja mountain

A view from Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik.

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