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Nothingness is the worst

WiP: Sketches for red figures

  Red seems to be in, still.   I enjoy working with watercolors because it’s so straightforward, it’s there and then, ready. I love working with photographs and video, but there is always… Continue reading

Drawing workshop: Line project II

Line sketches with ink and with ink and bleach.    

WiP: Sketching abandoned

Sketching with clay continues. Here is a 2-parted abandoned house.

WiP: Clay play

WiP: Plaster nr2

WiP: Tuesday sketch

WiP: Negative & positive

Sketching forms

Sketching shapes and forms under a theme of Japanese mythology. The lantern will be shown as a part of a bigger piece next week in the Jardin de Wiltz in Luxembourg.    The… Continue reading

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