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Sea food in Fujian kitchen

Moment shots IV

Cruising in Hangzhou

Lake of Hangzhou

Moment shots III

Moment shots II

Moment shots I

Shanghai it is

China tour I

Not settling down yet, these colorful travelers are ready for a long train ride!    

China, here we are

Looking for new winds and views, I arrived to my new home country of the coming months. Dear Verna is joining me for the first adventures.    

Finland finland

Giving Amsterdam a break, I am back in Finland preparing for my move to China.    

Where Lenin was – traveling in Ukraine


Towards east – travel to Kharkiv

Leaving Maastricht behind…

  One year in Maastricht has passed. Though I thought that I’m going to stay here for the next 3 years after years of moving around, still and steady, a change is coming… Continue reading

Back to Iceland

Time to leave Toronto and head to Iceland flying, not the most convenient way, via Boston.    

Composition for group and individuals

Very important women in Paris


BIGZ – a piece of culture in Belgrade

Built in 1930s, it used to be one of the biggest publishing houses. Now huge abandoned building of BIGZ is being occupied by bands and artists as well as different style bars and… Continue reading

Women of Mitrovitsa

    We had a chance to go to north of Kosovo which is still divided area between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs. In Mitrovitsa we visited local NGO Mundesia. They are organizing women… Continue reading

Newborn of Pristina

The sculpture Newborn in the center of Pristina stands for the Kosova Declaration of Independence Day, 17 February 2008.

Arriving to Kosovo – town of Prizren


On our way to Kosovo

We jumped in a night bus to Novi Pasar in Serbia to continue with “the secret connection” towards Kosovo.  

Houses of Sarajevo

I wonder if there’s a single house in Sarajevo without bullet holes in its walls.    

Up to hill in Sarajevo

A piece of history in Sarajevo

In the 11/07/95 Gallery, black and white photographs with two interactive stations with detailed videos and audio depicting the events of July 1995 are exhibited for a memory of the genocide of Srebrenica.… Continue reading

Misty Belgrade, evening bus to Sarajevo

Fishermen by Sava river in Belgrade.  

Here we go: Belgrade

Restaurant/bar in the center of Belgrade.  

Heading to Balkans …

Just a quick visit to Maastricht, I’m off to Balkans …

My spot


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