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The endless day

of Finnish midsummer  

Dance in Astana

Under the sun of Aralsk


Don’t go out after dark…

… in Bishkek.  

Heading to Almaty


Back home in Kjalarnes

Around Iceland – done! Back home in Kjalarnes. One more week left here on my black beach…

Driving in south, heading to west


Driving around the island

Driving, driving, driving … See what Tosca is up to.   Details later … …

Driving, driving around the island II

Driving, driving, driving … See what Tosca is up to.   More coming … …

Driving, driving around the island I

Driving, driving, driving … See what Tosca is up to.   More coming … …  

A lava field, moss and birch bushes

Tosca and laura are traveling… The trip around the icy island has started!   Today we passed by Grábrókarhraun, about 3000 years old lava field, covered with moss and birch bushes. We also wanted… Continue reading

Getting ready for the tour …

  ALmost on the road… What you need to have when driving around an island, is a coffee maker…   All you need is an empty package of Icelandic skyr, with a little… Continue reading

Call of Kazakhstan

Had a skype conference about the forthcoming trip to Kazakhstan… Exciting..!   A few word about life in Astana by neighbor A: Vuosi elämästä, penni ajatuksista  

Silvery days of storm

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