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Persuasion – repeat

Dialogue & a series of special moments

  Trailer of video installation Dialogue and a series of special moments can be found in vimeo. The full version will follow.    

Made on a tablecloth, with a strawberry line

Still frames from video work Made on a tablecloth, with a strawberry line   The video can be seen in vimeo.

Baking hysteria

Still frames from video Baking hysteria   The video can be seen in vimeo.    

WiP: Dialogue & a series of special moments

Dialogue & a series of special moments Still frames from video    

WiP: filming day of Dialogue

  Spending the whole day for setting up the 5th version of Dialogue was filmed by 4 cameras simultaneously. Broken glass and colorful water. The video version will follow    

O: Dialogue and olives

The Olive by Samira Eskandarfar    

WiP: Tablecloth drawing and monsters

Suddenly I notice that my studio is turning pink. Portraits: tablecloth drawing as a result of observing video and a series of standing monsters    

WiP: Observer through camera’s screen

Still frames from video    

WiP: Sister’s bed II

Sister’s bed II Still frame from video  

WiP: Woman baking woman

Woman baking woman Still frames from video.  

WiP: Sister’s bed

  Sister’s bed Still frame from video  

WiP: Leftovers of the special moment

Dried table clothe in the studio with all the broken glass is leftover from video work Persuasion for two.    

WiP: Persuasion for 2 III

Persuasion for 2 Still frame from video.    

WiP: Red

Still frames from video  

WiP: Persuasion for 2 – edition 2

Still frames from video    

WiP: Persuasion – tea time

WiP: clash – Persuasion for 2

Still frames from video Persuasion for 2    

WiP: Playing with fire

  Playing with hot glass, fire and paper in the hotshop. My studio faced an explosion after I dragged 4 papers  of size 150 x 300 cm there… Photos are stills from a… Continue reading

E!: Venice Biennale – Arsenale

  The area of Arsenale is beautiful, and huge! A lot of interesting art to be seen. I enjoyed the video work by French-Moroccan artist Bouchra Khalili in the far end of the… Continue reading

E!: Venice Biennale – Giardini

I spent the whole day in Giardini area of Venice Biennale 2013. I started my tour from the Danish Pavilion which turned out the be one of my favorites presenting video/multimedia installation by… Continue reading

wip: continuing edition of Persuasion

    I had a feeling that it is time to go on with Persuasion project.   The video was filmed yesterday in a big hall with crazy long echo in Lbb in… Continue reading

WiP: getting back to glass

  Since I started working with glass my relationship with it has been a battle of on and off periods. Not even touching glass for a bit over an year, I’m continuing my… Continue reading

Drawing workshop: Line project III

Line project is continuing. Check out the video in my vimeo!  

E!: Lumbers – Audio and video performance

 Lumbers Audio and Visual performance by Wesley Goatley and Emily Pelstring   Already on Thursday evening in  ‘t Keldertje in LBB, tonight in Gallery OHP9 at 8pm in Maastricht    

E!: Opening of the exhibition in Decorfabriek in Maastricht

  The video performance Obsession of trust by laura Puska is a part of the exhibition opening today on the 14th at 7pm in Decorfabriek in Maastricht.   The exhibition with ceramic works… Continue reading

WiP: Wait – performance on black

  Second night in row, working on the black beach of Kjalarnes in the lightness of Icelandic June.    

Obsession of trust

  The Obsession of trust video performance can be seen in vimeo.  

WiP: obsession of white – video performance in space

  Obsession of white is a series of 4 videos combining performance with installation in space with paintings. More of the videos can be seen soon.    

WiP: obsession of trust

  2 pairs of ceramic kitchen mitts have been destroyed. Second and third video performance – done. The video will be seen in my vimeo soon.      

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